The grooming experience your pet will ask for by name . . . Bark!

Grooming Services

Full service grooming includes; haircut, bathing, toenail clipping, and ear cleaning. We offer bath and brush only service as well

(includes everything except the haircut).

Price ranges vary due to the following: size of dog, condition of coat, disposition of dog, and choice of style. We groom ALL BREEDS OF DOGS. This is a list of breeds we see frequently.

Bischon Frise: $60+

Cairn & Westie: $58+

Cocker Spaniel: $73-80

Golden Retriever: $77+

Labrador: $63-80

Lhaso Apso: $58+

Maltese & Peke: $55-63

Pomeranian: $55-65

Poodle / Doodle - Standard: $100-250

Poodle / Doodle  - Miniature: $60+

Poodle / Doodle  - Toy: $55+

Schnauzer & Scottie: $58-63

Sheltie: $70-85

Shih Tzu: $58-70

Springer: $80-86

Wheaten: $80-90

Yorkie: $55+

To schedule an appointment please contact us at:

(402) 933-4007

Ala Carte Services

Bath & Brush Only:

Small Breed: $35+

Medium Breed: $42+

Large Breed: $50+

X-tra Large Breed: $65+

*Anal gland expression: $5

Nails: $15

Teeth Brushing: $8

FURminator: $10-25

Handstripping appts. start @ $75

Additional fees are accessed for Moisturizing Conditioner,

Specialty, Veterinarian Grade Shampoos,

Dematting, and Hand Scissoring.

Difficult behavior handling fees

may also be added

based on severity.

Owners will always

be notified in advance.